Keep doing what you do best. Our 3(38) retirement plan program will take care of the retirement stuff.

Our pension, 401(k)/403(b) and investment advisory teams have joined forces to offer a turn-key 3(38) retirement plan solution that frees you up to focus on your priorities, not someone else's. Now we can help you meet your fiduciary responsibilities quickly, easily and cost-effectively, while giving you and your employees select fund lineups, exceptional service, and online tools.

A 3(38) retirement plan program is a great choice

Managing a retirement plan takes time, effort and most importantly, knowledge about plan administration, compliance and investment management. If you are your company's retirement plan sponsor, your legal responsibility is to ensure your company's plan and its investments are managed under the ERISA "prudent expert rule." However, if you fail to comply with the complex myriad of fiduciary rules, you may be personally liable due to breach of fiduciary responsibility. This is why many plan sponsors seek professional help.

With our 3(38) retirement plan program, you are able to delegate full discretion over the plan's investments to the experts at Hooker & Holcombe. This aspect helps to reduce your exposure to fiduciary liability and allows you to spend more time growing your business.

Our 3(38) retirement plan program can help save you time and money, too.

Now we can help you meet your fiduciary responsibilities quickly, easily and cost-effectively - all while giving your participants exceptional service and online tools.

The program is fully managed by the experts at Hooker & Holcombe and includes plan administration, compliance, recordkeeping, investments and reporting. We'll also manage open-enrollment and communication with your employees, making our 3(38) retirement plan program a seamless transition for everyone involved.

If you answer "No" to any of these questions, you should be talking with Hooker & Holcombe.

Q. Have you reviewed your plan's investment choices in the last twelve months?

A. As a plan fiduciary, the law clearly spells out the need for investment selection review. A commonly applied best practice within the industry is to annually track and review the investment choices with the plan. Hooker & Holcombe will track and monitor your plan's investment selection quarterly keeping you fully informed of where your investment selection stands.

Q. Do you receive periodic reports that compare investment performance against an appropriate index, peer group and your IPS objectives?

A. With Hooker & Holcombe, you will receive quarterly mandate monitoring reports outlining your investment performance compared to specific predetermined mandates. This report will alert the plan sponsor of any non-passing scores when tested.

Q. Does your investment portfolio provide a predetermined fund platform that allows for a variety of asset class coverage options and investment selections for a broad range of participant demographics?

A. It is part of the responsibility as a plan fiduciary to offer an investment selection that is appropriate for the plan's participants. Hooker & Holcombe offers a program with a predetermined platform that each allow for a variety of asset class coverage options and investment selections.

Q. Do you know the TRUE cost of the plan's investments to the plan participants?

A. With Hooker & Holcombe, we will provide full fee disclosure, easy to understand fees and a 100% no- commission investment approach as part of our responsibility as a fiduciary within the plan.

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